Insignia of Towne Lake

We welcome you to the remarkable community of Insignia of Towne Lake, a spacious, comfortable residential area for senior living. Located in Woodstock, Georgia, Insignia of Towne Lake prides itself on the elegance and family-oriented care that abounds in the scenic “Towne Lake” area of Cherokee County. Ours is a community of close friends and family always looking for someone new to join the fun, supportive lifestyle that brings us together.

A Community for Everyone

Insignia of Towne Lake strives Senior Woman Enjoying Cup Of Tea At Hometo make every individual feel welcome, whether they are visitors, guests just staying the weekend or our long-term residents. We are family owned and operated and we understand that family support and developing new friendships is important at every stage of life. This is why we are so committed to bringing a valuable experience to our guests and members every single day. Are you or a loved one looking for a new home at an affordable cost that offers you the daily chance for activity, relaxation and budding relationships? Consider Insignia of Towne Lake your peaceful retreat.

Amenities That Delight

Our facility is located directly off of I-575 and close to Main Street of Woodstock in the Towne Lake area, so shopping, dining and entertainment is always close and inviting. As well as providing 24-hour access to our trained caregivers, Insignia of Towne Lake provides easy access to medical centers for the wellness of all our guests and residents. We offer exquisite restaurant dining and calendars full of diverse activities that keep everyone engaged and entertained. Are you interested in learning more about our full range of services and the delightful amenities here at Towne Lake? We are always happy to speak with you or give a personal tour of all that Insignia of Towne Lake has to offer.

Comfort and Beauty Around Every Corner

Relax with our residents by the fireside under high ceilings in the opulence of our grand living room, or take a stroll through our pristine grounds. We provide cozy gathering areas and a stately club-style dining room to make every occasion one of comfort and style. Contact us today to learn how easily you can make our luxury your everyday experience.


Contact Us

Are you interested in learning more about the amenities and services here at Insignia of Towne Lake? We invite you to get in touch via our web form or call us directly at 770-592-4242 .