Who We Are

Insignia of Towne Lake is an senior living community with a clear mission, purpose, and values.
Insignia-Who We Are


To bring peace of mind to the senior community and their families.


Insignia of Towne Lake provides safe and joyful environments where seniors feel loved and valued.



All of our values are built on a foundation of integrity. We operate our homes ethically, holding all of our staff to a high level of professionalism.


Because of our deep experience in many locations, our methods have become precise, so we can focus our attention on serving and spending time with our residents.


Our residents’ personal and medical information remains confidential at all times. We believe autonomy is important in all stages of life, which is why we never waiver from our promise to maintain our seniors’ privacy.

Action Orientation

We encourage our residents to exercise their bodies and minds every day, to be active, each according to his or her ability.

Participative Communication

Our caregivers are more than employees – they are family. Our residents and caregivers enjoy dynamic relationships rooted in security and a penchant for fun. We encourage our residents to freely express their questions, concerns and feelings.

Production of Happiness

A senior living community should be much more than a living facility – it should be a community of learners, dancers, musicians and storytellers. We have a robust offering of activities to promote joy.

Demonstration of Passion

Our caregivers communicate a strong passion for serving seniors and their families. Of course, passion isn’t a one-way street. We encourage our residents to get involved and continue to develop their interests.

Contact Us

To speak with the loving professionals at Insignia of Towne Lake, send us a message or call us at 770-592-4242.