Untitled-11At Insignia of Towne Lake, we know no home is complete without a dining room. The dining room is a special place for company, conversation, and food. Our main dining room is tastefully decorated and arranged to provide an attractive environment for friends to relax and socialize.

We take our food seriously, too. All our meals are chef-supervised and are packed with maximum nutrition. When our residents first join our community, all of their dietary preferences are surveyed. Our staff is equipped to meet any dietary restrictions and requirements. No matter your personal palate, you’re sure to discover dishes that delight. Take a look at our sample daily menu.

In addition to our main dining room, we house a private dining room for birthday parties, anniversaries and special occasions. The dining room isn’t just for our residents. We love to serve friends and families too! But be advised – you may find yourself coming back for seconds.

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